Is there a CAFE board for writing? How do you display your writing strategies?

Update: Due to the popularity of this post and Suzanne Rea's answer below, we created an updated thread. Please use the updated thread to request a copy of Suzanne's CORE menu. Updated thread: CORE Writing Menu. We will be removing posts below that contain email addresses.

Thank you! —The Daily CAFE Team, November 12, 2019





Corinne Gogal

Please do post your version for Gr 4/5. I teach grade 4, I’d be very interested!


I just sent the menu to you. We don’t have a 4th grade version, but hopefully the framework can help you.

Kelly Lampert

I would love that rubric too! [email protected]


I just sent it to you.

adam white

Hi, This is wonderful! could you please forward this to my email as well? [email protected] thank you so much!

Amy Doss

Can I get a copy too? Love it!!! [email protected]

Brittany Brewer

I would love a copy, too! [email protected]
Thanks so much!

Holly Hartwell

Hi, may I also have a copy please? [email protected] Thank you

Dianne Moretto

Hi Could you a send a copy please? [email protected]
Thanks for sharing


I sent to dmore3, aalejo and Hollyhart–I hope you all received it, and would love to hear how you use it :).

Dianne Moretto

Thank you Suzanne
I’m just starting out with CAFE and Daily 5.


I know you’ll have some great experiences in watching your children grow with D5/CAFE!! We sure to ask questions on here a get responses from lots of dedicated teachers!!

Ann Welch

Hi. May I also have a copy of your writing rubric, please?

Pamela MacDonald

Love the writing rubric. Could you send me a copy? [email protected] Thank you soooo… much and Happy New Year!!!


pkmac01, linda s --Just sent you both the menu

Ceila Torres

Thank you for posting your hard work! If you don’t mind,could you also send it to me? My email address is [email protected]. I truly appreciate it!

Victoria Kerlin

Here is a link to First Steps Writing Map of Development. It overviews writing across the developmental stages.

Lisa Van Clock

I use the VOICES acronym for the 6 traits of writing. Voice, Organization, Ideas/content, Conventions, Extended Vocabulary, Sentence fluency. I can’t remember where I got the specific strategies, but I did find them on someones blog 3 years ago in a printable formate. I’ll see if I can’t post the link when I find it.

Malynda Green

I use voices too! It’s worked really well for me, any strategy I happen to be teaching can fit under one of those categories.


Hi Srea ~ I am also very interested in the document you created for Grade 1. Thanks for sharing your hard work! [email protected]

karin jenkins

Thank you so much for sharing your writing rubric. Would you please share it with me? [email protected]



[email protected]

I just sent it your way. Let me know how it works for you, and any great ideas.

Laura Meegan

May I also have a copy? My email is: [email protected]
Thank you!!


Just sent it your way. Feel free to make it your own.

Alvina Hofman

May I also have a word copy of your writing rubric? Thanks! My email is [email protected]


Our work is a “menu of strategies” rather than a rubric. Actually, we are working on a rubric for the menu now. I’ll send you the menu :).

Jenny Laurich

I would love a copy, too. Thank you in advance. [email protected]

Hazel Barron

Hi.just seeing this and would so love a copy. [email protected]
Thanks for sharing!


Principal1, jlaurich and hazelbarron–I just sent the menus to you. Feel free to make them your own.

Jenny Laurich

Thank you, but I never received them. Could you possibly send them again?
[email protected]
Thank you!

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