7. Assessment

Students are an integral part of the process as we use assessments to declare goals, inform instructional decisions, and monitor progress.

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7.1 Identify assessment

  • Comprehension — The assessment has the student reading a passage of real words.
  • Accuracy — Use a running record to determine the student’s ability to read the words correctly.
  • Fluency — Time a passage and note phrasing and prosody.
  • Expand Vocabulary — Look for the understanding of the words being read.
  • Behavior — Choosing books, Daily 5 behaviors
  • Reading Levels — Independent, Instruction, and Frustration

7.2 Use 7 Steps from Assessment to Instruction to determine goal, strategy, and area of strength.

  1. Assess student.
  2. Review assessments, and identify strengths, potential goals, and strategies.
  3. Discuss with student—identify strengths, set goal and strategy. Consider using resources.
  4. Student declares goal on the CAFE Menu Board.
  5. Teacher records strength, goal, and strategy on individual conferring sheet in CCPensieve or conferring notebook.
  6. Teacher records student’s name on strategy group form in CCPensieve or conferring notebook.
  7. Ready for instruction

7.3 Behavior could be a goal

  • Behaviors to improve:
    • Read the whole time.
    • Stay in one spot.
    • Read quietly.
    • Get started right away.
    • Ignore distractions.
    • Work on reading stamina.
    • Persevere.
  • If behavior is a goal, also add a reading goal.

7.4 Students are active in goal setting

  • Discuss with students their strengths and areas of need, giving them ownership of the learning.

7.5 Use data, curriculum calendar, and information to inform instructional setting—whole group, small group, and individual.

  • Identify the setting—what best meets the needs of each learner?
    • Whole group: All students need and will benefit from the lesson.
    • Small group: Some students need and will benefit from the lessons.
    • Individual: One student needs or will benefit from the lesson.

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