7. Stamina

After teaching, practicing, and supporting the development of stamina, students will be able to maintain behaviors of independence for extended periods of time,


These essentials are shared among Daily 5 and Math Daily 3.

7.1 Build stamina gradually with each Daily 5 task.

  • Stamina is slowly built in intervals of minutes (or even seconds).
  • The process happens over the course of days/weeks.

7.2 Students’ behavior dictates when practice is over.

  • During stamina building, teacher stays out of the way and watches student behavior.
  • Teacher asks, Are they exhibiting the desired behaviors listed on the I-chart? If so, students keep practicing. If not, teacher stops the practice, using the quiet signal, and brings students back.
  • If a student demonstrates a lack of stamina building, teacher confers with them and sets behavior goal(s).

7.3 Graph stamina to make progress visible.

  • After a stamina-building session, teacher graphs the achieved time on the stamina chart. This is done each session until the desired goal is reached.
  • The stamina chart can be posted in the classroom or on a classroom door.

7.4 Self-assessment

  • Students assess their ability to maintain stamina while demonstrating expected behaviors listed on the I-chart.
  • Students may do this by holding up one–four fingers, signifying their competence and goal for the next round.

7.5 Review throughout the year when stamina declines.

  • Teacher revisits the 10 Steps and reviews behaviors on the I-chart.
  • Teacher models and practices desired behaviors until stamina is regained.

7.6 Teacher choices

  1. Behavior—If students demonstrate a lack of stamina building, teacher confers with them and sets behavior goal(s).
  2. Assess—When students have about six minutes of stamina with Read to Self, teacher will assess and set the next goal. At the beginning of the year, teacher launches Daily 5 and assesses all students’ reading in the first four–six weeks of school.

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