8. Instruction

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8.1 Identify needs of students based on assessments and determine instructional setting

  • Identify whole group needs to plan whole group lessons
  • Identify students with like skills and/or needs to plan small group lessons
  • Identify individual student needs for conferring sessions

8.2 Brain compatible lessons

  • Whole-group instruction is 5–10 minutes in length
  • Small-group and one-on-one lessons are 2–7 minutes in length
  • Consider using resources.

8.3 Use instructional protocol and brief focus lesson structure to plan and document.

8.4 Record information in conferring notebook.

  • Teacher records the following:
    • Selection being read
    • Goal and strategy being practiced
    • What was taught
    • Targeted goals for students to work on
    • Next steps

8.5 Curricular coherence

  • Share information with support staff
  • If using online conferring notebook share students with all staff working with that student.
  • Goals and strategies for the shared student are the same; how the adults get there may be different.

8.6 Monitor progress (touchpoints)

8.7 Modify instruction as needed (materials, setting, teaching)

  • When standard is not met, teacher adjusts one or more of the following:
    • Materials
      • fiction, nonfiction, reading level
    • Setting
      • individual, small, group
    • Teaching
      • explicit explanation, model, think aloud, offer advice

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