CAFE Essential Elements

Though CAFE is a flexible system, there are elements that are essential to its integrity and success. These eleven Elements fit into four stages: Understand, Prepare, Teach, and Support. This document is not intended to be used for evaluative purposes, but as a tool to help you assess your knowledge and application of each element and its supporting behaviors.

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A grounded understanding of the CAFE system will set the foundation for teachers who want their students to master the four key components of successful reading.

1 Framework

2 CAFE Instruction Method


Classroom design, record keeping, and necessary materials work together to make the CAFE system a success for teachers and students.

3 Classroom Design

4 Materials

5 Record Keeping


Discover how assessments lead to deep knowledge about student needs and the instructional strategies and monitoring moves we make to ensure all students make successful strides toward meeting standards.

6 CAFE Menu

7 Assessment

8 Instruction

9 Accountability


Layers of support for teachers, parents, and students maximize engagement, progress, and success.

10 Barometer Behaviors

11 Home Connection

* Resources

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