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We often get asked if Daily 5 can be used in kindergarten. The answer is yes. Daily 5 is used successfully in PreK–12 classrooms all over the world. Kindergarten students love their newfound independence, fourth-grade students appreciate choice, and eighth-grade students enjoy the extended time reading self-selected books. There is something about authentic reading and writing that increases accountability, engagement, and success for all ages. The key is knowing our students and staying true to the foundational elements of Daily 5.  

Implementing Daily 5 in a PK or kindergarten classroom looks very similar to implementation in grades 1 and up, with the biggest difference being that we take a little extra time to be sure students understand each component as it is introduced. Some kindergarten teachers start with the Read to Self I-chart on day one. Others take a few weeks to work up to the introduction of Read to Self. Below are links to a nine-part series that provides a glimpse into what Daily 5 looks like in a kindergarten classroom.  

Launching Daily 5 in Kindergarten

Follow this nine-part series laying out the nuances of launching Daily 5 with our youngest learners.

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