I just read the latest Tip of the Week email all about the updated CAFE Book and its features.  How very exciting!  I was wondering if (when) the website will reflect the changes found in the 2nd edition, specifically the Ready Reference guides? One of my summer projects was going to be printing these all out, but would it make more sense to wait for the new ones?

Also, does the new edition have any updates to the assessments and rubrics as I was planning to print those all out too as my school transitions to Standards Based grading this year.

Any insights are appreciated!






Gail and Allison are presenting in Tacoma this weekend, but as soon as they have a few minutes, they'll share info about this.  I know we're all excited, and want to get the latest and greatest info--me included :).  


Sounds great Suzanne. Thank you for responding.  I look forward to hearing more soon!


i have a reply for everyone from Allison:

Ready reference guides will be updated with the release of the new book. Assessments will be updated to reflect the new strategies but won’t change much. Since the book won’t be out until October 30, I would still print the current RRG to prepare for the school year.


Thank you for following up Suzanne. This is good information to know and share with teachers.

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