6. CAFE Menu

The CAFE Menu breaks comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and expanding vocabulary into significant strategies that support each goal. Posted on the classroom wall and built throughout the year, it serves as a visual reminder of whole-class instruction.

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6.1 Introduce classroom CAFE Menu to students

  • Depending on student exposure, introduce purpose of CAFE Menu and its use.
  • Students understand what each letter stands for and how the menu serves as a tool.

6.2 Classroom CAFE Menu as instructional tool

  • Connect student learning of strategies by posting to CAFE board as they are taught in whole group.
  • Refer to board during instruction and modeling.

6.3 Student-created strategy cards

  • When appropriate, a selected student writes a strategy on a card.
  • This card is posted under the correct goal, in front of the class, anchoring learning to the card, goal, and menu.

6.4 Students declare goals on classroom CAFE Menu

  • When students’ goals are decided, they declare their goal on the CAFE Menu. (Refer to step 4 in 7 Steps from Assessment to Instruction.)
  • Students may declare a goal and strategy that is not yet posted on the class CAFE Menu.

6.5 Individual CAFE Menu in conferring notebook for each student

  • ConferringNotebook.com — Individual CAFE Menu self-populates.
  • Paper/pencil conferring notebook — CAFE Menu included within each individual student tab
  • This menu reflects the individual strategies and goals of each student.
  • Students may also have a personal copy of the menu in their own notebook if this helps them use, remember, and celebrate their learning.

CAFE Menu Printables

We have many different CAFE Menus. The regular CAFE Menu and the Emergent CAFE Menu are both in English and Spanish. Most teachers will use the CAFE Menu. Teachers who work with beginning readers will find the Emergent Menu a great resource. The Interactive Menu, below, may be the most valuable resource of all, so be sure to check it out. 

The CAFE Menu for Emergent Readers

PDF icon English

PDF icon Spanish

The CAFE Menu aligned to Common Core

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Interactive CAFE Menu

This organized and invaluable tool leads to articles, assessments, books, printables, lessons, Parent Pipelines, and Ready Reference Guides for each skill and strategy.

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