I'm trying to wrap my head around what this will look like in a classroom while social distancing.  We will be returning to school, as of now and will be required to stay 6 ft apart.  I need some alternatives to how to do Daily 5, small groups, and conferring in a classroom of 20ish students while social distancing.  Please help!






This might be a crazy idea, but I was thinking about using ZOOM.  My students will have their own devices, so I thought about doing reading group via ZOOM while in the classroom.  It might not work at all....I don't have any details figured out, but it is something I am considering.


I actually think that is a very good solution! We are beginning remotely, and this is something that I was trying to figure out as well. At least within the classroom on Zoom you can actually still see each other! :) 


Yes, I've been thinking about how to incorporate digital tools and learning inside my classroom as well. I'd love to stay connected with anyone trying this out!

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