Hi! I went to the wonderful Daily 5 & CAFE training earlier this summer in Dallas. I believe that the 2 Sisters mentioned that a CAFE alignment with the Texas TEKS was in the works. I was just wondering if that is still going to occur and if so how soon it might be available. I know this would greatly help me use to use CAFE successfully in my classroom. Thanks, Laurie






That very work is in the final stages right now! We should have them available soon and let you know.

Katheryn Allala King

Hello, Suzanne. It is 2022, so I was hoping to get the TEKS correlation. I am presenting to 17 elementary principals on Thursday (in 2 days) and they will ask about the TEKS. We have 34 elementaries, so if I could get this going with this half, the other half will want Daily 5/CAFE. Please help me improve our instruction; I need to convince at least a few of these administrators to allow me to bring Daily 5 to all of the campuses. I have been pushing the organization (Data Binder/Conference Binder), and instruction that is truly driven by data/formal assessments. A few principals do want this, but not all of them are in this cluster of principals. Most of them have never heard of touch points. I would be very grateful if this has been done as of yet. This coming Fall will be the third year since the new Texas Essential Knowledge Skills have been updated.

Please, let me know if anyone has done this to date. If not, I will need to do this myself to convince the administrators.  

Best regards,
Katheryn Allala King

Katheryn Allala King

Another school year is here. Has there been any development with the TEKS (Texas Standards) with Daily CAFE? Still waiting to see this happen. 

Katheryn Allala King

Texas has new ELAR standards or TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge Skills) as of this fall 2019. Will the new TEKS be aligned with the Daily CAFE? Please let me know at [email protected] . Thank you!


Katheryn,  we ae getting familiar with the new TEKS, so it will probably be the spring time before I complete it.  I feel like most everything is covered in the new TEKS thats in the old ones.  The wording is just a little different.  

Katheryn Allala King

I understand that you feel the wording is just a little different, but the numbers are also different. There is enough changed that it has to be precise for our lesson plans/scope and sequence/framework/ curriculum. We need to be exact with the wording and numbering as we use Forethought in Eduphoria and if we use the wrong numbers, there is no record of that standard being taught on a specific week. 

Angela Hollowell

Any idea when the cafe will be alighned with the TEKS?  I love the Cafe!!!

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