2. CAFE Instruction Method


2.1 7 Steps from assessment to instruction.

  • See Essential 7.2: Use 7 Steps From Assessment to Instruction to Determine Goal, Strategy, and Area of Strength.

Printable: 7 Steps from Assessment to Instruction

2.2 Instruction Protocol

  • Use instruction protocol to structure whole group, small group, and one on one lessons and document learning.

Printable: Instruction Protocol

2.3 Instructional practices to scaffold learning

  • Explicitly Explain — tell exactly
  • Think-aloud — make thinking “visible”
  • Model — show and tell
  • Guide/prompt: student practices while teacher guides
  • Offer advice, hints, or suggest— student practices while teacher suggests
  • Feedback — information related to goal

2.4 Cognitive processes of learning

  • Remember (identify) — remember strategy and recall what it means
  • Understand (restate & explain) — communicate understanding of strategy
  • Apply (show) — apply strategy, showing example of how to use it
  • Analyze (compare) — explain why strategy was chosen
  • Evaluate (transfer) — transfer strategy use in other concept areas/ genres
  • Create (decide) — justify use of strategy and recommend next steps needed

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