9. Accountability

Complete quick checks to monitor literacy behaviors and gather data to inform instructional decisions.

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9.1 Touchpoints

  • Use touch points to note and score student’s proficiency with strategy
  1. Exceeds standard
  2. Meets standard
  3. Approaching standard
  4. Below standard
  • If student gets 1s or 2s in three teaching attempts, change something
  • If student gets 3s or 4s in three observations, layer on a new strategy

9.2 Quick checks

  • Complete daily for all students who are not met with individually or in a small group
  • Informs instruction and may include the following:
    • Is student staying in one spot?
    • Is student reading the whole time?
    • Did student get started right away?
    • Does student ignore distractions?
    • Is student working quietly with eyes on text?
    • What book is student reading? Is it a good-fit book?
    • What page is student on?
    • What strategy is applied?
  • Record brief notes (if necessary) in conferring notebook

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