Has anyone been able to share the CAFE strategy videos online with families? With schools out of session and e-learning in place, I'd love to be able to show the CAFE strategy videos to my students online. Thanks!






I haven't shared the strategy videos but I just set up the Build Reading Stamina parent page sent out in Member Minute on 4/13 as a link in my Google Classroom to go out to parents and students next Monday. Permission to share was granted at the bottom of the Member Minute email. I'm excited to see the response I will get! I just copied the link of the page to my assignment in GC, and it will be shared with my class. I tried it just to make sure it operated correctly from my posted link, and it looks like everything is ready, set! 

Kathy Sahagian

I am using Google Meet with my students and the kid teacher video was too low.  Students could not hear well and I couldn't turn it louder.  Have you had this problem when presenting?

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