6. Choice

Relinquishing control and offering choice increases engagement exponentially. Discover where students have choice, how to teach it, and how to keep track of it all.


6.1 Order of tasks

  • Students choose which Daily 5 task they will complete and the order in which they complete them.

6.2 Keeping track/checking in

  • Teacher keeps track of student choices to monitor student activity and increase accountability.

6.3 What to read

  • Teacher introduces concept of I PICK (purpose, interest, comprehend, know).
  • Students choose good-fit books using these criteria.

6.4 Where to sit

  • Students choose a good-fit location to work during each Daily 5 session.

6.5 What to write

  • Students choose writing genre and topics.

6.6 Word Work activities

  • Students choose the activity and materials that best meet their goals.

6.7 Listen to Reading text

  • Students choose what text to listen to during Listen to Reading.

6.8 Partners

  • Students choose who to read with during Read to Someone.

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