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Empowering Educators

Welcome to The Daily CAFE, a resource that is rich in content to help you discover, refine, and refresh your teaching practice and implementation of Daily 5, CAFE, Classroom Design, and Math Daily 3. You'll be able to find what you need, when you need it, in a format that works for your learning style. Watch the two-minute video tour to discover unique site features and learn how to navigate to find what you need most. 

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Research: Daily 5 Basis

Read 2016 report. Dr. Jill Buchan thoroughly surveys the research on teaching approaches and student behaviors that lead to literacy proficiency and independent learning. “Effective Strategies for Teaching and Learning Independence in Literacy: The Daily 5 Literacy Structure” shows why the Daily 5 works, as well as its essential components. 

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Tip of the Week

We are passionate about good professional development. That is why we developed the Tip of the Week, which is delivered to the inboxes of teachers, literacy leaders, curriculum specialists, and administrators
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