b-Resilient encourages us to stay mentally and physically healthy,  and to lead a balanced life.

Educators perform on a public stage every day. It’s a job full of wonder, discovery, creativity, innovation, paperwork, testing, requirements, and stress. 

To help us sustain energy and wellness, Carol Moehrle, RN, BSN, shares articles that include

  • information for improving and maintaining health and wellness,
  • stimulating thoughts and quotes, and
  • reminders and tips for achieving and maintaining emotional health.

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Declutter Your Thoughts

Carol Moehrle encourages us to purge the clutter that clogs our minds. 

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A few words on friendship.

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Like a Turtle

Carol Moehrle reminds us to remember balance when presenting our sides to the world. 

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Morning Beginnings

Carol Moehrle reminds us that each day is a new beginning. 

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Blurry Vision

Carol Moehrle reminds us to see ourselves and others with a softer lens. 

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Celebrate Learning to Jump

Carol Moehrle reminds to celebrate approximations.

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Savor the Slow

Carol encourages us to slow down, breathe, reset.

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When was the last time you broke through a fence?

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Carol Moehrle encourages us to stand strong during the storms of life. 

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A Hive of Curiosity

One of Carol's goals is to never curb the curiosity of a busy hive.

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Foggy Day

Carol summons mental pictures with imagery about fog. 

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Energy to Grow

Carol reminds us to nourish ourselves so we can grow. 

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Balance Your Energy

Carol reminds us about energy cycles and the importance of finding periods of calm. 

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Running on Empty?—Four Tips to Recharge and Replenish

Here are four tips for recharging and rejuvenating your system.

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Your Sense of Self

Carol Moehrle reminds us to hold tight to our sense of self. 

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Carol Moehrle reminds us that motivation is often an inside job. 

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The Winding Road

A detour may lead to treasures unknown. 

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Spreading Seeds of Hope

We have many opportunities each day to spread seeds of hope. 

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Release stress . . . breathe.

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A New Start

We have options for starting anew.

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You Are Gloriously Unique

Celebrate your individuality. 

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Take Time to Listen

Listen to the beautiful world around you.

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Trust the Wait

Enjoy the feeling of wonder.

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Travel, but Return Home

Our search for what we need takes us many places.

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5 Thoughts for Dealing with Difficult Times

Stay positive even in difficult times.

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