b-Resilient encourages us to stay mentally and physically healthy,  and to lead a balanced life.

Educators perform on a public stage every day. It’s a job full of wonder, discovery, creativity, innovation, paperwork, testing, requirements, and stress. 

To help us sustain energy and wellness, Carol Moehrle, RN, BSN, shares articles that include

  • information for improving and maintaining health and wellness,
  • stimulating thoughts and quotes, and
  • reminders and tips for achieving and maintaining emotional health.

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The Winding Road

A detour may lead to treasures unknown. 

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Spreading Seeds of Hope

We have many opportunities each day to spread seeds of hope. 

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Release stress . . . breathe.

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A New Start

We have options for starting anew.

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You Are Gloriously Unique

Celebrate your individuality. 

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Take Time to Listen

Listen to the beautiful world around you.

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Trust the Wait

Enjoy the feeling of wonder.

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Travel, but Return Home

Our search for what we need takes us many places.

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5 Thoughts for Dealing with Difficult Times

Stay positive even in difficult times.

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Listen to the Silence

Silence can teach us and bring us peace.

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Smile and wear them with pride.

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Sense of Direction

What fills you with peace and certainty?

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Today I . . .

Have strength to love.

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Through These Eyes

Be amazed at what you see.

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Learn to Relax

Your health and well-being will be positively affected.

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Get Quiet and Listen

Change one word and get big results.

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New Beginning

Moving on from mistakes is within our grasp.

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Who or What Creates Your Sunshine?

Find the happiness around you. 

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Airport Learning

It’s summer, and I’m hanging out in an airport while traveling for work. As I people-listen (kind of like people-watching, but with my ears), I hear many children’s voices. Often the adults who travel are quiet and busy with computer work or absorbed in their own worlds. My travel today is ...

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Honor Your Connectedness

Connecting brings positive power and support.

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Moving to Find Balance

This analogy will help you visualize your balance.

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Sharpen Your Awareness

Life is magical when we are aware.

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Lift Yourself Up

Be the helping hand you need. 

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Slow Down and Let Go

Find the calm within yourself.

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What Does Your Reflection Tell You?

You may see integrity and honesty reflected in the mirror, or you may experience something else.  

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