As COVID Continues, Focus on You.


Carol Moehrle

Now, more than ever, you are being challenged by the changes you are encountering with COVID.
Now, more than ever, you need to re-focus on your skills to deal with the ongoing change in your lives, your communities and your schools.
Now, more than ever, you need to focus on YOU!

You have lived through the last months with COVID, holding up for your students and your family. You rolled with all the remote education changes and the challenges and worries about your students. You stretched yourself to do more in different and unthought of ways. I know your minds are worried for what the future will bring.

Now it’s time to re-focus on You. Time to focus on Your health and Your wellbeing. So this week I will share with you some tips and techniques for day dreaming.


Day dreaming is a great technique to use whenever you need to escape the stress and overwhelm of daily life. It’s an opportunity to take just a few minutes and focus on something other than your worries and concerns. Here’s all you need to do:

  • Find a place to sit for a few minutes. (Indoors, outdoors, in quiet or noisy space, eyes open or eyes closed).
  • Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, let the worries you are carrying leave your body.
  • Now take another deep breath and exhale while lowering your shoulders. (since I know they are up around your ears most of the time!)
  • Now in your mind, take yourself to a favorite place. It might be the ocean with waves crashing the shore, it might be the mountains with the trees softly blowing in the breeze. Maybe your favorite place is outside surrounded by family and friends. Wherever your favorite calm place is, let your mind take you there.
  • Now search your mind for what makes this place so special.
    • What do you see? Look for the little details as well as the obvious.
    • What do you smell? Earth and nature or food and sunshine.
    • What feelings does this bring? Happy, calm, relaxed, peaceful.

Stay in your day dream place for as long as you choose. It’s ok to daydream. Give yourself permission to do this several times each day, and see how it helps you focus on calm and happy instead of worry and concern.

Now is the time to take care of YOU! Start with daydreaming.

Be well. Be Resilient.


The COVID-19 Updates are as close to real-time as we can make them to provide you with the most up-to-date information.

Because of this, the text is raw and unedited.

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