I know the literary lessons and ready-reference guides match books to strategies but I am interested in the books teachers absolutely LOVE to use for teaching a particular strategy/ies. What’s YOUR all-time FAV book/s for teaching a particular strategy? and why? Do you have any tips on how you use that book to teach the strategy? I am just starting out so this information will be very helpful to me and, I am sure, many others. Thanks in advance for taking the time to post an answer!






For prediction and making mental images, I love “Just an Ordinary Day” by Rod Clement. I cover the outside of the book and read it to the kids so they can’t see the illustrations. We stop at certain pages, and think about what we see–sometimes a turn and talk, sometimes a quick draw of what something in the story looks like.
After the story is over, we share ideas and illustrations. Then I remove the cover and show them the real illustrations, which always surprise everyone!!

Patricia Riccardi

I used Miss Brooks’ Story Nook this morning to model Check for Understanding, Interesting Words, and Accuracy.

Barbara Gibbons

Wild About Books by Judy Sierra is wonderful for launching the reading workshop and use of the classroom library. Lots of fun.

Robin Wooten

Great - I had never heard of those last two books! Thank you! Hope more suggestions are coming.


New book for me–“What do you do with an Idea?” by Yamada. Great for introducing how to develop writing ideas. Lovely illustrations by Mae Besom.

Joan Moser

With young students, ELL or those who have never been introduced to Inferencing, I love Cookies Week.


A new book I just got today–“Ask Me” by Bernard Waber. Great for coming up with ideas for writing.

Robin Wooten

So cute - these books are winners! Thank you all for posting. [I hope this thread remains active for awhile…]

Amy Doss

I found a fun book Library Lil - This can be used for abundant reading, voracious reading, even good fit books ( at the end). Fun and cute story.


Here’s one for text to self connection (and also for writing personal narratives)–My Apron by Eric Carle.


I just found another book to add to my collection for teaching strategies. It’s called “How to Read a Story” by Kate Messner. It so fits with our beginning lessons. Starts out discussing how to pick a book, a place to sit, a partner to read with, predicting and what to do at the end of a book! Could be used over and over as a mentor text.


The Napping House is my favorite and I don’t show the pictures until they’ve had time to create the image of the snoring grandma, dozing dog, etc…

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