I have found several different forms on conferring & associated recommendaions for what to do and how to use the forms - so I am somewhat confused. I know I have to ultimately do what works for me but I would like to get a better idea of what others do so I know where to start (new to this). Do people write what title students are reading? Is that useful/necessary? Do touchpoints go on group sheet or individual? Do you date those? How do these recommendations go along with the “Teaching, Conferring, Coaching” sheet? vs the icon sheet? Is one a more updated approach versus another? I see this sheet does not have the “Next” part on it. How does “Next” differ from “Plan”?

Reading these posts it seems students should have two goals and one always a comprehension one - did I understand right? Where does their sticky go?

I agree with others that the “From Assessment to Conferring: Sample Needs and Strategies” is the most useful sheet I have found. Are there other sheets like this? Has someone made their own guidelines that take this further?

Sorry - have been at this a long time this weekend and I am confused & overwhelmed and would love some direction on these points as what I find on the web site differs a lot. Thank you.






I now use the online CCPensieve, which I love, love, love!!! However, you may not want to go there yet. When I was using the paper Pensieve, I liked the sheet without the icons, but one of my teaching partners loved the icons–said it reminded her to include all the important info. So, it really is what works the best for you. I think ‘next’ and ‘plan’ are just different words for the same things.
I do like to include the title and level–helps me keep a record of what we’ve read.
The two goals–I keep touch points on the newest strategy I’m using with the student, so for me that’s where the sticky note goes. With the first graders I work with, I find that the comprehension goals for the first half of the year are Check for Understanding and Back up and Reread–it’s those accuracy strategies that seem to be the ones that change most often with those early readers.
One reminder I always have to say to myself is, “Don’t write too much!” I have that tendency to do that in my conferring :).

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