Joan Moser

I’m struggling right now with a scope and sequence for the middle of the year. I know that I should be choosing strategies that match what my students need and I am. But after I introduce the strategy on Monday, what am I doing the rest of the week? Continuing to cram the strategy into their brains for the remainder of the week? Introducing new ones? Reviewing?

I get 2 focus lessons in a day (3rd grade) with a separate writing time elsewhere in the day. So, my CAFE lessons are strictly reading. So what am I doing during those 10 lessons? Once CAFE is up and running?

Any thoughts and insights would be much appreciated! Thank you!





Marcy Garcia

I struggle with the same thoughts. I have been working on continuing with the same strategies in different formats. How does it look in prose, non-fiction, or poetry. I found this is where my students (4th) struggle - transferring strategies.

Ashley Weible

I teach 3rd grade and this is my 3rd year doing Daily 5 and Cafe. Over the last few years, I have changed things around in order to fit with what I need it to be. During my 1st year, I ran into the same problem around December and January during the focus lessons. So, I began to use that time to work on other reading standards. I was able to teach more standards and I believe the short and focused time helped my students retain the information we discussed. Not sure if that is the “correct” thing, but it really works in my room.

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