I am trying so hard to get CAFE and Daily 5 up and running smoothly.  I am struggling with the number of touchpoints I have on each student.  I want to meet with them more often. I realize that I will meet more often with some than others, but how do I make sure I get to everyone in a week?  Some students, the teacher is meeting with them daily.  How do you get to the other kids?? I guess this is where strategy groups come in...?  I just feel like I'm not seeing kids as often as I would like. 






Here's an article explaining the thinking behind touchpoints: 

Note the article mentions when a student receives 3-4 touchpoints on a strategy, either you have a good idea that the strategy is under cnotrol, or that you may need to introduce a different strategy to build understanding.  

You certainly can gather touchpoints from your strategy groups, and that may be a way to help you feel like you are seeing your studentsmore often. Expecially for the higher readers, that may not need as much of your individual time, but you can touch base with them.  

Your lowest readers do need your attention every day, and if you give a touch point each time you meet with them, they will most likely have more than others---thta's OK.  

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