I am very confused as to what to do when. I only have 1 hour to teach reading. I teach two different classes and each class is one hour long. I also have to allow students time to read the story of the week from the anthology. I am trying to do Daily 5 and the café and I have managed to introduced some strategies. My question is when do you teach other reading components of the common core standards? When do you find time to add things like character, setting and plot…just basic standards outside of all the strategies and when do the students get to practice them if they are reading all the time? Where do grades come from…





Amanda Buckingham

I wonder if the literacy elements can be part of your focus lessons? You could also incorporate them under comprehension because they do help readers make sense of the story. Also, perhaps during conferencing, you could assess if they know the elements or they can do a reader response to one of their good fit books that assesses their understanding of the elements. This may help with the grading part. Hope this helps!

Abby Alejo

I agree with mbuckingham. That is one of the reasons why Daily 5 and CAFE is so awesome.


I wonder if the reader response is supposed to be completed during “Read to Self” or is that done during “Work on writing”? I am also struggling with time constraints and I’m trying to work in my common core assessments, the basal reader and writing instruction into about 1hr30min.


Would you be able to use the Read with Someone time to practice the comprehension strategy from the weekly anthology? I like mbuckingham’s ideas too!
Here are a few ideas that I use in my classroom. For Work on Writing: If you have time for Writer’s Workshop, they could continue writing in their writer’s notebooks; Kidblog-a free secure online platform that can be used in various ways…“to discuss chapters in a book we read aloud; using metacognitive thinking stems to start our sentences, writing prompts, collaborative class projects, online weekend journals, reflections on learning, …recommendations” Or Storybird to publish writing…
Word Work: maybe vocabulary from the anthology, I use both vocabulary and Words Their Way words…you could use www.spellingcity.com to practice or quizlet app for iPad; stamping vowels in red and consonants in blue
Read To Self: read JR level books to build stamina; confer individually or in small strategy groups to work on CAFE…
Listening: FREE: www.storylineonline.net or Reading A-Z, Tumble Books; requires membership
Do you teach Science and Social Studies? This is where I try to teach Non-Fiction Text Features and Text Structures…
I hope this helps!

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