I am teaching 3rd grade.  This is my first year implementing the daily 5.  Everything is up and running and the kids are using their strategies wonderfully.

1.  Many of the advanced kids are working on expand vocabulary.  They are busy collecting new words and since many of them score 100 percent on our spelling pre test I've been giving them the words they find for their spelling test.  They are very motivated to use the words they are finding.  How else can I challenge them with the different strategies?

2.  Check for understanding has become the foundation for all different subjects.  It is wonderful to see the kids really understand the concept.  A couple kids are having difficulty using the strategy without me prompting.  Any suggestions?

3.  If a child is working on infer and support with evidence are they still stopping to check for understanding?  


Any help would be appreciated.








Glad you are loving Daily 5 in your classroom. 

1.  For your advanced "word work" students, you might try introduing Greek and Latin roots, and how they help us understand meaning of words wth similar roots.  One great and easy source to use for this is the Words Their Way Word Sorts for Derivational Spellers (you can find it on Amazon and many other sites).  It really helps students understand the generalizations in spelling and vocabulary.  

2.  Perhaps give the students not checking for understanding on their own the bookmark from here on the site.  You might also give them a big cardstock or plastic "check mark" to remind them that way.  

3.  Most likely, your students who are being successful with infer and support with evidence are "automatically" checking for understanding :).  

Let us know if you have any other questions--we're here to help!



Denise Binder

Thank you for the information.
The link you sent is not working for me.


I'll find a better one :).  



I'm going to check with our wonderful ladies who can solve any problem :).  


If you will go to the CAFE tab at the top of page, click on Interactive Menu. Find the strategy and click. Then scroll down to the resources and click on the ICan Book Mark.  


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