I wanted to show my K-1 how important it is to reread their books for accuracy and comprehension. I picked a solid, confident reader to demonstrate as I would be timing them and doing something to highlight every word they read incorrectly. I teach my kids it is important for them to reread each book 4 times for fluency, accuracy, and comprehension. I have found when they blossom into solid confident readers the 4x becomes 3x, or 2x and they shed the rereading as a butterfly sheds it’s cocoon.

My selected student is seated reads to the group in front of the class. My aide times how long it takes to read the passage. I have a tub in my hand with four soda cans filled with water. Each time they encounter a word they do not know- - or a word they read incorrectly,I tell it to them and use a pushpin to poke a hole near the bottom of the can. Water begins squirting out. On the first read, the timing was over 150 seconds and had 7 pinholes. I recorded the results for all to see. The can looked like a fountain! Right away some students knew, “The book is draining out of her head,” an analogy I commonly use. I used cans 2,3,4 to demonstrate rereads and each reread showed dramatic growth in reading with confidence, speed, and accuracy.

On the 4th read she read the book passage in 46 seconds and had only one pinhole. All week I was able to draw upon the lesson and most understood the value of rereading on some level.

I will do the lesson again (many asked if we could do it again) and I will, because while some clearly get the lesson, my lowest readers likely still have a limited understanding. (I think I will video it next time)






What a great way to make your point! I love the analogy about “book draining out of her head”. I can imagine that visual popping in their minds whenever they hear you say it. I think I may borrow this to show some of the older students I work with as an reading interventionist. Thank you for sharing!

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