I’m new to using Daily 5 and CAFE this year. I have my students using post-it notes to record their thinking of their use of the strategy they are working on during Read to Self time and at home. For example, some are practicing context clues with interesting words so they are recording words and context clues they used on these notes. However, I’m not meeting with each student every day, so I’m not checking on their notes. What should I be doing so the student is practicing the strategy even though I’m not checking in with them? and How many post-it notes should I be asking them to do so they aren’t “flooded” with them when I do meet with them a few days later?






Number of post-its-- The guideline is one comprehension strategy, and one in another area.
Its OK not to meet with every student every day, but do try to meet with the neediest kids daily. For other kids, you might just want o do a quick check-in. You will able to tell if they are using the strategy, and what to talk about in your next conference with them.

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