Need suggestions! First grade student, reading at level F. Struggles to pay attention to errors and meaning of text. Running out of ideas to help this little. An example of an error was frog for cloud (there was no frog to even be seen on the page) and kept right on reading. What would you consider next steps to be?






I copied part of a response I gave to another question that may help with this kiddo. Let me know if this helps. :). I had to copy it in a reply to this message :).


Perhaps they still need some strengthening of other strategies in addition to the accuracy ones you are working on. Do they still need to work on using the pictures–do words and pictures match. Here’s a way I’ve used to try to connect making meaning and accuracy. (Note: may or may not be done on one day, depending on book and kids.)
We spend a lot of time on pre-reading. We spend more time looking deeply into the illustrations and having conversations about them than I might spend with most kiddos. I keep a white board handy, and after we discuss a couple of pages, I ask the kids to tell me what words they might expect to see in the text based on what we learned from the pictures. We make a list as we go through the book.
Then, as we get into the actual reading, they are more aware of looking for the words they listed–kind of becomes a game. We check them off as we find them, using tally marks if words are found more than once.
After we finish, we talk about words we should have included, or words that were synonyms or gave the same meaning as words we had listed.

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