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chatterboxrox created forum topic Lesson Planning on 09/13/20

Hi there,

I was wondering what people use to plan lessons. Is it better to use the Instruction Protocol or the Brief Focus Lesson template or a mixture of both? How do you decide which one to use for which situation?

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chatterboxrox commented on Does anyone have a Math menu similar to the CAFE menu? on 09/05/20

I know I am late to the topic, but I am using the acronym CAFE for maths as well with my year 8 (grade 6-7 in America I think) class. I think it works fairly well. The comprehension strategy is unconstrained (Developing understanding of number and shape properties) continually grows as students...

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chatterboxrox commented on New Ready Reference guides on 08/16/20

I would assume the new copy of the book is the expanded second edition - that was released in 2019.

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chatterboxrox commented on Mini Lesson Variety on 08/06/20

Hi TiffTowne,

Did you decide on what to do?

I am thinking about using a few different things as mini lessons but I am fairly new to all of this and still trying to get my head around the best way for my group of kids. I am thinking I will start with looking at their persuasive...

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