We just received our new CAFE Books, and are wondering when the ready reference guides and interactive menu will be updated! Is there a way to access forms in the appendix of the new book yet? We're also looking for the book study guide that is referenced on page 156! Thanks so much! We LOVE the new book!






We are so glad to hear you love the new book!  We were so excited for it to finally release!  :)  

The conferring forms can be found here

The Ready Reference Guides and Interactive Menu are in the process of being updated and should be done soon but I do not have an exact date yet.  

The book study is currently at the editor and will be released as soon as it comes back! (We are also having a live book study beginning Jan 7th. You will find information about this in the Tip of the Week.)

And... exciting news is that we are also working on releasing Ready Reference Guides and Parent Pipelines for the Reading Readiness Skills found on p. 19 in the new edition! So fun! 

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