Is anyone using Istation for reading assessment? Our district is using it this year in place of DRA and the Texas Primary Reading Inventory. I’m not feeling very comfortable with looking at data based on multiple choice responses on a computer adaptive assessment. There is a 25% chance of guessing right on each question, for example. And it removes the teacher from observing the student’s thinking. I’ll do DRA’s anyway, but just wondering if anyone is using it and finds it meaningful.






I would say that no one assessment is enough to correctly determine a student’s successes/difficulties. I suggest looking at the graphs for the individual tests, and if there is an indication of a problem, use other tools you have to investigate further. Conversely, if you notice that a child’s score in an area appears to be higher than you expect, you might also follow up with other tools.
I think most of us would agree that a computerized reading assessment can’t give you a complete picture of a reader, but maybe it give us a place to start.
I know that assessments like this are often used to identify kids for RtI and to recieve extra help, but hopefully, teachers like you can bring that sense of reason to the whole process.

Yodit Whipple

We use IStation on our campus, and I don’t really find it useful when some of my students are not reading on grade level.

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