I am a Reading Specialist and have had a couple of my students lately who understand the CAFE strategy we are working on together when they are in my room, but when they go back to their classroom they don’t use the strategy or don’t keep reading the Good Fit books we are reading together to practice the strategy. Just looking for ideas on how to make sure students are using the strategy we work on together when they are in the classroom.






Have you thought about making them the bookmarks for the strategies available on the website? (You can find them on the interactive menu by clicking under the strategies you want). They can keep the bookmarks with them when returning to their classrooms.
Here’s a link to one of them:
I’m also a reading specialist, and find that if I share notes with the classroom teachers my kiddos come from, they are happy to remind the kiddos when they confer with them. They also often work on the same strategies as me.
Building that relationship with the classroom teachers is a big key.

Ruby Teague

Thank you for your response. I actually didn’t realize they had bookmarks for many of the strategies. We are a small school so I do communicate with the teachers often, which is awesome! Thanks again for the advice.

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