I am loving Daily 5 and the CAFE. I have tried little bits of it before but this year I am jumping in completely. I have currently two binders for my Pensieve (one for each class) and that seems to work okay but I want to use the online pensieve if possible. Has anyone tried the online one with multiple classes? How does that work?






Yes, I do! I am a reading specialist, and have 6 different groups. You can add as many names as you want to the CCPensieve–there is no limit. If you just add the names, it will list them alphabetically, which is OK, but if you add an identifier for each class at the beginning, the kids will get sorted that way.
For example, my first grade group has a 1 in front of the name, like 1 Sam Smith. 2nd grade has a 2 in front of the names, and so on. Then, on my class page, all the first graders are listed together, etc. This makes it very easy to find conferring pages. I think you’ll love using the CCP with your two classes.
And, if you want to make groups, just give each one a title and add the student names.

April Davis

That is brilliant. I have started my free trial and entered in my blue and red classes with either a B or an R to keep the classes separate. I am assuming the online pensieve works on an ipad or tablet with internet access. I am very excited to try it!


It works on any device–even your phone if you wish :). Just know that after your free trial, if you decide to continue using the CCP, all data you entered will automatically update. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

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