I would be interested in some feedback about using the DRA for assessment. I am a reading specialist in a K-2 school. We are having a lot of discussions about the DRA…for example, we have students in second grade that are able to read and comprehend level 34, 38, even 40 using the DRA…how valuable is it to keep going up to the next level when students are above grade level benchmarks? My feeling it that at a certain level, it is not really going to inform instruction - a student reading a grade level above their current grade level should be broadening their reading “horizontally” and time spent trying to reach an instructional level is better spent reading for breadth, reading different genres, etc. The DRA is time consuming at these levels and I’m feeling like it is not really necessary - any feedback from this forum would be appreciated! Thanks!





Josee Guillot

I agree with you completely. I am a grade 4 teacher in Montreal, Quebec. I feel that when a student reading a grade level above their current grade, time should be wisely spent reading for breadth and reading different genre. The goal of fluidity should be explored as well as expending vocabulary. There is many ways to explore children’s literature that could be greatly beneficial for those students.

Eva Footlik

We use F&P to test reading levels in 1st grade. In the beginning of the year we test everyone as high as they can go to help set up reading groups and find out their strengths/needs as a reader. But for the rest of the year, once they hit a level J (End of Year Benchmark for us), we stop testing them. It just takes too much time. Those kids work on vocabulary and comprehension activities in their guided reading groups.

Lisa Walter

How does that work with reporting reading levels to second grade teachers? My guess is that you use information from your guided reading groups. Is that correct? Thanks for your response!

Eva Footlik

Yes, we just base it off of guided reading. They will reassess at the beginning of 2nd grade. Kids make gains or regress over the summer anyway, so the level I give them is a good starting point, but they would need to reevaluate anyway.

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