In completing my students’ F & P (fountas and pinnell) testing, I found it quite easy to discover which CAFE strategy (comprehension, accuracy, fluency, expand vocabulary) each of my grade 2’s needed. For example, I have one little boy who performed at a very high accuracy level on a levelled test, but had very poor comprehension. My question though is this, once this little boy is done working on “checking for understanding”, do I continue to progress through each of the comp. strategies? Meaning, if I do not observe any new skills (besides comp.) that need to be worked on do I simply stick with all comp strategies? Thanks!!






Certainly comprehension might be his major area of work, but I’d advise not ignoring the other areas–vocabulary can always grow, and fluency characteristics with different genres. We want to make sure we’re building well-rounded readers ;).

Roxane Daniel

I agree with srea that it might be a good idea to set goals in the other areas as well. I read somewhere, either on this site or in the CAFE book, that you can give students more than one goal. He can still have a comprehension goal, but maybe add on Tune into Interesting Words or Use Prior Knowledge and Context to understand vocabulary. That way he also feels like he is moving up.
Though, those are just thoughts. Good luck!

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