How do you use a Core Reading Program and CAFE?





Clare Gilmore

I have the same question. We are required to use Fundations (which I like) but I’m not sure how to integrate as the lessons are 30 minutes long. This is my first time using the Daily Five and Cafe.
I thought I could break the lessons down into shorter focus lessons.
how has this worked for others?

Ellen Cawood

My school mandates Fundations (which I like too) as well. I talked with my administration about “cherry picking” certain aspects of Fundations citing the brain research that supports short mini lessons. I have ended up “taking out” the activities that focus on trick words and word of the day. I do not do the dictation whenever it is in the composition book (which my school no longer buys) and I do not always do “word talk.” In my 10 -15 minute lessons, I essentially make sure that we drill sounds (I have the children do it) and introduce new concepts. I do dictation whenever it is on the dry erase board and echo/find sounds as well. Sometimes they are scheduled on the same day and I find that I do not have time to do both so I push one to a lighter day in that week. I try to do storytime and make it fun whenever they are scheduled, but they sometimes get left out.
My augmented Fundations schedule might look something like (based off of Unit 13 Fundation Activity Plan)
Day 1: Drill sounds & introduce new concepts
Day 2: Dill Sounds & introduce new concepts
Day 3: Drill sounds, Echo Find Sounds, Make it fun
Day 4: Drill sounds, Dicition
Day 5: Drill sounds, Dication, Storytime

Nancy Benner

I use the core reading program as a guide for when to initially teach the strategies as they relate to the CAFE menu. I give the students the guided reading books to use in their book boxes and they return them when they tire of them. In previous years, I have used the core reading program as a guide when to teach grammar/phonics, depending on the grade level. However, this year, we are implementing Units of Study and I am excited to transition to teaching grammatical skills with the Units instead of in isolation.

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