The Daily 5/CAFE book states the importance of posting the CAFE board in the classroom, so students can post their name next to their goal. If students each have their own copy of the CAFE menu to keep track of their goals, is there still a need to post the CAFE board in the classroom?






It is still important to have the CAFE board up in the classroom, as it’s a quick reference for your students to glance at in addition to their small menus. It’s also important to have up for you to refer to as you do your brief focused lessons. Something about seeing it grow as a classroom tool that gives it true value. They can also see what other strategies have been introduced by you in additions to their goal.

Cynthia Kiefer

This is my first year to use Daily 5 and CAFE. We have been in school for 6 days. My scholars, especially those who struggle with reading, are consistently looking up and using the CAFE Menu.


YAY!!! Sounds like you’ve gotten them off to a great start! What age do you teach?

Cynthia Kiefer

I teach what traditionally would be third and fourth grade. I am way outside my comfort zone here, but I like a challenge. We are working on building stamina this week.


That is definitely a key to starting off right! Have you seen the newest seminar? it’s just $35 and really a great view of Gail and Ali discussing getting started and setting up. Might be a good one for you to watch. Do you have some colleagues joining you?

Cynthia Kiefer

I signed up for the free webinar, but I have not received the link to watch it. I would like to do the one for $35. No one is joining me, but I think they should. We service many kiddos with reading challenges; I can see how this will help them!


Here’s the link to the Daily 5 and CAFE Quick Start (the $35 seminar).
Which seminar did you sign up for? Perhaps I can help you figure out what’s up with that. Suzanne

Cynthia Kiefer

Thank you for your offer to help. Here is the link to the webinar:


Intro to the Essential Elements: Daily 5, Math Daily 3, and CAFE

Join Gail Boushey and Allison Behne in a webinar for their how-to overview of the Essential Elements of Daily 5, Math Daily 3, and CAFE; their newest self-guidance tool. The call to apply new initiatives, frameworks, or programs in our classroom is...

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