I am launching the Daily 5 and CAFE and just started reading assessments today. I came across the CAFE menu 6-5-4-3, which shows the strategies most commonly used by adults, which are supposed to be a good lace to start when we begin assigning goal strategies to students. However, when I download this menu /sites/default/files/legacy_files/The+CAFE+Menu+6-5-4-3.pdf

it is just the regular CAFE menu, but with the numbers 6-5-4-3 over it. Am I missing something? Are the most commonly used the first listed? Help please!





Stephanie Harbert

They are the suggested first strategies to introduce. After the initial 6, 5, 4, 3 the order is your choice. I think the sisters say that you can do them in any order but they give this a suggestion to help give guidance in getting started.

Emily Gilloon

Thank you - and I do understand that they are the first strategies they suggest to introduce. But I need to know literally which strategies they are on the list - is it the first 6 under Comprehension, the first 5 under Accuracy, etc.? The 6543 menu just lists all the same strategies. Thanks!


Yes, they mean the first 6,5,4,3 strategies listed. Now, if your students have those in place, then you can go ahead with other strategies needed.

Jackie Gray

Do we do the first 6 in comprehension before moving to accuracy and so on?


Students need a combination of the strategies to be successful. For example, early readers will need some accuracy strategies to decode word. They will need “good fit books” to reread for fluency practice. They will need to use the pictures to help understand new words, and of course, check for understanding.
The age and savvy of your readers will determine which strategies need to be introduced.
Does that help?

Jackie Gray

Absolutely!! Thank you

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