I am a 6th grade ELAR teacher who will implement Daily Five/Cafe for the first time this school year. I teach three 90 minute blocks. I have a different group of students for each block, appx. 75 students total. My question is, “Do I need a CAFE board for each block, or can I use the same board for all blocks?”






From what I’ve read here on the website and in other postings, I think you can probably just use your one board. The only reason that I would wonder about changing boards would be if your 3 groups were very different–like advanced readers, low readers. If they are heterogeneously grouped, then I think you’ll be fine.
If the students have their own menu in their reading folders or in your Conferring Notebook, differences can be noted there, just as we do in any classroom.

Irene Valdez

We use different color cards for students in different classes on the same boad.

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