Hello, at our school we have "specialists" come yearly to our data meetings. My colleague and I get the hunch that they along with our reading support person are pushing us to adopt a boxed program, something we are working against by utilizing Cafe and supplementing with other programs to bolster spelling, comprehension, etc. We use the Fountas and Pinnell BAS for assessing by the way. One area we cannot compete with the boxed program is measuring phonics. The lower grades use DIBELs which doesn't seem appropriate for third graders. Long story short, how do you assess students ability to decode various syllable types?






Three suggestions:  

1.  Look at ESGI software.  They have both prepared tests, or you can customize the testing.  Very teacher friendly, and you can print reports for yourself and parents.  Really an amazing tool.  

2.  A Program called The Phonics Dance (it's not a dance :)).  Our kinder, first and 2nd grade teachers use and love the concepts behind it and the kids use what they learn in writing and spelling!!  Go to the website and check out the materials--you can also look at YouTube videos of phonics dance.  

3.  Words Their Way.  This group of word sorts starts with letters and sounds, and progresses to greek and Latin roots.  There are progress monitoring checks about every 5 sorts.  


Maybe getting those folks you mentioned to look over these choices will help. Good luck!!

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