Quick Start Guide 5—Listen to Reading and Sharing


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This Quick Start Guide will help you learn what you need to know to get Listen to Reading up and running. Also included is information to make your sharing time purposeful and beneficial.

1. Review Downloads
Print and review the following downloads. We follow the same procedure when launching Work on Writing that we do when launching Read to Self

2. Preteach Skills
Before launching Listen to Reading, we preteach the foundation lessons mentioned in the First 5 Days of Preteaching Daily 5

3. Watch Videos

  • The I-chart is reviewed in a kindergarten classroom in this video.
  • Watch Gail guide this group of fifth graders as they create an I-chart for Listen to Reading. 
  • Rachel shares tips for using chapter books during Listen to Reading in her room.
  • Tips on managing when Listen to Reading books are very short.

4. Visit Websites
Here are some websites for Listen to Reading.

5. Sharing
We end our Daily 5 literacy block with students sharing reading and/or writing. In this video you will see Caleb, a kindergartner, share his writing. Here is a peek of two students sharing in Joan's room

6. In Action
This video gives you a brief glimpse into a class participating in Daily 5.

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