Launching Chart for Read to Self

Do you ever wish you had the Cliff Notes to a book you have read? Our teachers are using a new program that is laden with narrative descriptions of what the program looks like in a classroom, outlining teacher dialog and student responses in extensive detail. The reader truly feels like they are in the classroom experiencing the lesson right with the students. At the end of each reading the teachers comment that they would love to have a one page synthesis of the lesson. They would like to carry the notes into class with them.

We know exactly how that feels. While we were creating The Daily 5 we use to take note paper into our classrooms to jot down what to teach that day so we could also reflect on teaching and learning. Since that is our style, we have developed launching charts for each of the Daily 5™.

After reading how to launch Read to Self in our book The Daily 5 p. 47, click on the link below for that quick one page Cliff Note for those must remember points that will support you and your students as you introduce this Daily.

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