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Share your Simple Solutions Classroom Design 0 595 2 years 8 months
Benefits of Flexible Seating Classroom Design 1 459 1 year 10 months
Getting Started The Daily CAFE 1 3.6k 6 years 1 month
Using Brief Lesson Ideas as Coaching Ideas The Daily CAFE 0 1.4k 5 years 8 months
Parent pipeline The Daily CAFE 1 2k 6 years 9 months
Reading Slump Strategies The Daily CAFE 0 436 2 years 1 month
Books from Chicago Workshop and QR Codes The Daily CAFE 0 1.1k 5 years 12 months
Resources? The Daily CAFE 2 379 1 year 7 months
Launching Read to Self Videos The Daily CAFE 1 1.9k 6 years 9 months
Compilation of Daily 5/Cafe info/forms The Daily CAFE 6 2.3k 5 years 9 months
Tips and tricks The Daily CAFE 0 1k 4 years 3 weeks
Books used for mini lessons The Daily CAFE 5 2.3k 5 years 8 months
what are the non negotiables The Daily CAFE 3 373 1 year 7 months
Can't access videos The Daily CAFE 1 1.3k 6 years 2 months
Cafe is a kindergarten through 4th grade class of 12 The Daily CAFE 3 1.6k 6 years 9 months

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