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"Is The Daily 5 a research-based system?" We hear this question often in this era of research-based programs. We have always been avid research junkies. From our early research heroes: Frank Smith, Delores Durkin, and Ken Goodman to their more contemporary counterparts: Richard Allington, Michael Pressley, Gerald Duffy, we have always kept one foot planted in tried and true practice, while the other dabbles in current research, using it to influence our daily classroom work.

It is the application of current research that has helped us grow and develop as educators, and the action research in our own classrooms that has helped us truly clarify and refine what really works for children. We are vigilant to keep in mind what impact our practice has on student learning. In both the Daily 5 and CAFE books, we've included an extensive bibliography of the resources that have influenced our philosophy and practice.

Having been avid researchers, we now find ourselves in the surreal position of being the ones researched. If you are interested in research being done about the Daily 5, we've linked an Action Research paper written by Joanne Cilia-Duncan, who has generously given us permission to share it with you.

View Research Paper by Joanne Cilia-Duncan

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