Launching Daily 5 and CAFE: The First Days


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Whether you are starting Daily 5 and CAFE at the beginning of a school year or halfway through, the “First Days Launch” is designed to guide you through implementation. We have embedded hyperlinks to videos, articles, and other lessons to deepen your understanding of each aspect of the launch of Daily 5 and CAFE.

The document below reflects our latest thinking and research in launching Daily 5 and CAFE. It replaces the original guide, titled “The First 15 Days,” which is found in the back of The Daily 5, second edition.

This guide is just that—a guide. All students and classes are unique, so there is no one set formula for launching any system or structure in schools. This guide, however, provides a suggested order of lessons to get Daily 5 and CAFE up and running in a classroom.

  1. Read—Study the lessons, taking notes as you go. What makes sense? What needs more clarification?
  2. Watch—Select the corresponding hyperlinks and watch the lessons being taught.
  3. Note—Jot down things you want to remember when teaching your students. Use these lessons and your notes to help support you in launching Daily 5 and CAFE.

These lessons are perfect for Daily 5 and CAFE development with your staff and grade-level teams, as well as for individual learning.

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