I'm moving from a resource Special Ed position to a self-contained setting for students with high incidence learning disabilities. I'm excited to design a classroom and have been reading the articles here. I really do want to create a cozy environment for my students, but lice is a real issue  in my school. I love all the pictures and suggestions of couches and pillows in the classroom but I just can't justify spending money on something I'll have to get rid of because it becomes an issue. Any suggestions on how I can offer some comfy seating options without spreading lice?






One of those things we teachers have to deal with, right??  I know some teachers find pillows/furniture covered with a vinyl material.  Plastic lawn chairs are often on sale this time of year, which could also be an option.  I'm sure others have ideas, too.  


Vinyl bean bag chairs, faux leather pillows, comfy plastic chairs, anything like that. :0) 

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