After 20 years of teaching, I am having my first public school experience. I have been doing D5 for 4 years.

Our biggest hurdle this year is choose a good spot and STAY there. Especially when I have 7 who leave at the beginning of our session and re-enter towards the end. They have been instructed to have their book box waiting at their desk and they go there directly and quietly for the few moments until we come together again. However, we are required to keep doors locked at all times so someone has to get up and open the door to let them in and it just throws things off.

Anyone else out there with more experience solved this problem yet?







I didn’t see your post until today–sorry for the long delay in responding. That’s a tricky problem, for sure. I’m wondering if you could try to time your transitions to mini-lessons or round changes to correspond to when your kiddos come and go. If there is already a transition going on in the room, the exit and entry of the others might not be so disruptive.

Melody Rae

I’m about ready to give up the D5 practice which makes me very sad. The transition times are close …the exit and then I begin. But the return is just before we finish and then another group has to go out. My SPED kids are all on different schedules and the door is opening and closing all the time . Many of my students are misusing their time. Not partner reading…but talking with a friend…not writing just drawing (and I don’t have a problem with picture stories…but none of it demonstrates a story. My biggest issue is the playing instead of doing what they said they were going to do. I see them, correct them and they look at me as if I was speaking Russian. This is the first year I feel like they hide away in corners and just goof off. I used to have cozy corners and kids would read. Now they are playing with Pokemon cards and shopkins…REALLY frustrated. I am ready to take out the pillows ad make them sit at their seats and do what I assign them so I can spend some time with my reading groups without interruption.


Perhaps instead of stopping Daily 5, you need a restart :). It will take some time, but the payoff for you will be worth it. Go back to your Launching Lessons and I Charts. Assign places to sit for a while, and make the “special places” be earned by appropriate behavior. You just have to stick to your rules completely for this restart.
Don’t feel like you’re the only one this happens to–many teachers have times where a restart is necessary.
Here’s a link to an article/video about this very topic:

Vicki Van Dyke

I agree that it is time to re-teach! Maybe even assign those talkers a place to sit in the room, away from each other, where they can be monitored. I don’t even introduce Read to Someone until near the end of school when they can read and possibly be able to stay on task working with a friend in a quiet environment. Could you place a responsible student near the door to be the door opener for those coming back in from another class?
My kindergarten students are doing really well this year at working independently and staying on task. In the past though, I have had groups who were talkative, distracted easily and unfocused. After reviewing, reteaching and practicing, if my students still chose to be off task, they would have to miss end of the day “center time” or “free choice” time and practice reading to self or working on their writing since they decided to play during work time. After a few times of missing the fun, they learned that they had better stay focused during Daily 5! Don’t give up!

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