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I've been working with the Daily 5 for several years as a coach helping teachers.  I understand how to fit most things in such as phonics, writing, spelling/printing, comprehension, etc. but I struggle when teachers ask me 1) How can they fit this all into the Daily 5 and still have time to teach other subjects and, 2) where/when do I teach my ELA required units.  In Saskatchewan, we need to have 560 minutes of ELA/week which is about 112min per day.  We are required to teach the following units...

EX. Grade 3 -Type of Units / Number of Units per Year

3 Multi-genre Thematic Units

Multi-genre Inquiry and/or Interdisciplinary (1 minimum)

Author or Genre Study 1 (maximum)

These units need to cover the following contexts: Personal/Philisophical (Ex. topics: making choices, all about me), Social/Cultural/Historical (ex. communities, responsibility), Imaginative/Literary (ex. genre studies), Communicative (ex. advertising), environmental/technological (ex. respecting nature, multi-media).

Thanks for any and all suggestions.









The Daily 5 website provided this resourceful article that shows an example of how to fit curricula content in.


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