Joan Moser

Somewhere on this site I read a book title that the sisters recommended to get ideas from. Does anyone know the name of that book? I would appreciate it. I am working to set up Math Daily Three for next year.

The books recommended were by John Van de Walle. He has several for different ages of students. Here’s a link to the Amazon page where his books are listed: van de walle elementary and middle school mathematics 8th edition





Meghan Clifford

I have been doing Daily 5 and Cafe for the past two years and totally loving both! I am very excited to start Daily 3 Math. I am going to be using lots of dice, cards, and dominoes types of activaties. One great website I would suggest for Math Writing is . I like the math journal topics they use and how they have set them up to be printed onto labels to stick into math journals. I decided to use the grade three math journals for my class becasue I found the grade four math journal questions a little too challenging for my grade four class. Has anyone else found some good math activatiesm/ games to suggest?

peg Whitney

Thanks! I had that site marked as a favorite on my old computer, but it crashed. I’ve been looking for it.

Angie Rowan

This is an awesome resource! Just what I was looking for.


@Meghan I have been using Daily 5 and CAFE for the last couple of years too and this upcoming year I am going to begin using Math Daily 3. I have used the k-5 math website that you mentioned. I also like This site has a variety of math activities and game boards. This past year I have also been using This site is an online differentiated math site that students can use on computers or I pads. I am going to use it as part of Math by Myself. It begins where each student does some diagnostic testing and then it gears questions towards what they need. You can then log on and see how your students are doing and use it to guide your instruction. Good luck implementing this in your class.

Meghan Clifford

Thank you for your suggestions. I have just briefly looked at both and look forward to looking into them further. Thanks for the adivce.

Stacy Aune

Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics is a great resource! This link is to the 3-5 version. (There is also a K-2.)

sandy verkamp

I am going to implement the daily 3 math in my third grade classroom this year. When I click on “I charts” for math, no charts show up. Help!! What am I doing wrong?


If you click on the heading on Math Daily 3 on the main page, click down to ICharts for math, look to the links at the right. I think you’ll find what you’re looking for (You may need to try a different browser, like Firefox or Chrome).


posted in wrong area

Michele Robinson-Molton

I am also having trouble finding the I charts for Daily 3 Math. Also…is there a Daily 3 math book coming soon?


Actually, the Sisters shared that those Math I Charts are still in the works. A lot of the resources for math are in the development stages, and will appear as ready. The link that was there has been removed until the charts are ready.
The website is the best place to look for Daily Math 3 ideas. The 2nd edition of Daily 5 also has some important information about the process of getting started.

Andrea Edbauer

The Van de Walle books are amazing! My district does 30-hour weeklong trainings on his methods, using the book as a guide. Every math teacher should own and use these books!

Dan Montanaro

Just clarification, is Math by Myself, actually one student.
The reason I ask is because some activities listed under it on the videos and website are actually for more than one student.
And if so which one do you recommend for Gr4 and 5 Numeration.

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