I'm brand new at Daily 5, but really excited about it. However, I am a little unsure of how to properly implement Math Daily 3 with a combined grade class. I have a 4/5 class and I have to be able to teach separate math concepts "whole" group. I will have a block of 1 hr 50 minutes to cover both grades in math. I just can't visualize it. Please help!






I have a couple of questions for you.  How many students do you have in each grade level?  Are there any students who ciuld benefit from the other grades lessons? (Like low 4th graders or high 3rd graders) . Is your 1hr 50 min a continuus block of time, or could you break it into two blocks separated by other parts of your day?


Patricia Rodriguez

I have 9 in 4th and 8 in 5th. Most of the kids are below grade level. I have decided to try a Daily 6 of 15 minutes each: Whole Group Grade Level, Teacher Small Group, Math on My Own, Math with a Partner, Writing in Math, and Technology in Math. There are four groups, high and low of each grade level. I start with whole group 4th, then next round is whole group 5th. Then I do small groups. We use Go Math so whole group is the Unlocking the Problem (introducing the basic concept), then small groups will tackle the Share & Show and On Your Own problems. Math on my own will be time to do the Practice page assignment. Unfortunately one group has that part before the small group part. Perhaps they will use that time to do previous day's practice page if they were needing assistance. I have made sure that it's a high group. 


Makes me dizzy  just to think about it! :).  Seems like you have designed a plan of centers that works for you. How are you going to introduce all these pieces?  May I suggest taking a few days as needed to really explain expectationa and how to build independence?  Perhaps you might consider when the groups are not with you that they have choice of the order they complete the pieces.  


Best of luch as you begin your year!

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