In our article titled Encouraging Summer Math Practice, we provide four ideas to encourage continued growth for students over the summer. We would love to grow this list even longer! What ideas do you have to share for encouraging summer math practice? Share them here! 






When my son was little, I had to "convince" him that math was everywhere :).  He did well in math, but just didn't choose to think about it--was more of a reading/writing kiddo.  So, we'd play a game that anytime you could make a math connection to something we were doing, we'd make a big deal out of it by asking him to "prove" the connection.  For example, he noticed that he could count his strokes to swim from one side of the pool to the other--and it was usually about the same number of strokes.  Then, I'd have him figure out how many strokes it would take to swim 10 laps, 25 laps, etc. We could also relate time--how long to swim one lap, 5 laps, etc.  

We also played the game, "how much?", where I'd put a few coins in my fist, open them for a few seconds (watching to see how long it took him to get most).  If he could tell me the exact amount, he'd get to keep the money for spending money--of course it was just spare change--not lots of money.  

My plan was just to get him to think mathmatically, and see that math was everywhere.  I think just those little games made a difference in his appreciation of math.    

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