I am wondering how people run their center time as far as organization. Last year I had everything needed for each child in a bag. For example: In the word work section, I had 5 zip lock bags in a bin. Each bag had everythig needed for that particular word work activity. So if it was "say it, make it, write it" activity, each bag had a work mat, play dough, eraser, and a marker in it to use. I thought that would be easier as far as clean up and what not, but some how the materials always got mixed up.


Does any one have a different procedure they use? IF my question doesnt make sense, please let me know and I will try and rephrase it. 






I would say that you are doing centers, for sure, but not Daily 5.  Remember that a big fundatental of Daily 5 is choice--choice in the dailies they choose, and chose in what to work on.  So, for example, in the scenario you posed, students who choose to go to word work duing a round work with the materials you've introduced them to, but not on a specific activity that you've set up for them.  Does that make sense?  For Word Work suggestions, check out this link:  https://www.thedailycafe.com/content/word-work-materials and other relatedarticles linked there.  Let us know if you have any questions.  




I have a question regarding the rotataions within Daily 5. My experience and understanding is that Daily 5 is a framework that is used to teach children how to create stamina in order to fully engage in their work(reading, writing, etc) and to be responsible for their behavior, building their independence allowing teachers opportunity to meet with small groups or individual students(conferring or guided reading) without interruptions(for the most part). It is also my understanding that Daily Five is structured in away that allows students the opportunity to work on more than one component(Read to Self, Work on Writing,Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, or Word Work) within the Reading Block (Daily 5). In other words students are working on all components every day independently or with a partner within their groups, if they arent working with the teacher. Each group will only have time to rotate through 2-3 components in a day, but the next day they will get through the 2-3 they didn't work on.

Recently our support specialist from CESA(Cooperative educational Service Agency) challanged my understanding and thinking about what constitutes using Daily 5. Our school is moving away from Whole Group Whole Language Reading and utilizing Fountas and Pinnell resources within a Daily 5 Framework. I have done this in past schools and it works quite well. The confussion I am having is that our CESA rep. is telling us that Daily 5 does not have to be done the way that I explained earlier. She states that it can be done whole group and that the rotations don't need to happen. In other words, whole group Word Work, Whole Group Read to Self, Whole Group Work on Writing, etc.I am assuming that the students are allowed choice within their whole group participation of each component(chioce of books, word work activities, what to write about, etc.) Is this still considered Daily 5? I am being told it is, and that teachers are allowed to teach that way and it is still considered Daily 5. In my eyes it doesn't look much different than what was happening before in Whole Language, other than hopefully they are allowed to choose from several activities within the component(several work on writing options; write about reading, write a story, choose a prompt and write, etc). Please help me understand!! Am I too rigid in my thinking/understanding of Daily 5?



Daily 5 foundational elements should be followed to say you are doing Daily 5.  Here's a link to an article about those foundational elements:  https://www.thedailycafe.com/content/building-foundation-daily-5

The second element listed in this list is choice.  If activities are being done whole group, that seems to take away choice from students.  The rounds of Daily 5 (usually 3 a day) are separated by mini-lessons.  Students should all do Read to Self and Work on Writing everyday--the choice is which to do first/second/third . The third choice may be any of  other 3 daily spots.  Students are encouraged to do those other 3 sometime throughout the week.  They "declare" their choices at the beginning of each round, and the teacher keeps track.  

Here's a link to an article that shares about the framework.  https://www.thedailycafe.com/daily-5/daily-5-essential-elements/understand/1-framework

I might suggest that someone sign up for the Daily 5 Seminar (info on the main page), so that what's really Daily 5 will become clearer for all.  


I have been to the training and understand. I will share your comments in hopes that they understand that they are not doing Daily 5 by not allowing choice within the components. 
Thank you for your insight.


You're most welcome, and let us know if we can help in any other ways :).  

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